Frozen Fly-In 2/21/2010

Posted on 2/22/2010 12:57:52 PM
Author: rafe

Aerojunkies ruled the day.  Most of the nitro flyboys were just hanging around chatting.  Fettah was there when I arrived but hadn't flown.  I took the MiniMag up for a bit.  Scott & kin showed up.  Billy, Derek and kids showed, w/o planes.  Scott flew the Piper nicely until the motor sent a smoke signal which apparently meant, "I'm dying."  Landed it nicely w/o power.  Then took his Waco up.  Chip flew EasyStar, and finally Fettah flew his Decathlon.  Some guy we'd never met showed up with a 4-ch. Wing Dragon, flew it very nicely.

Bunch of us reconvened at Mitre for a bit; Scott got another couple of flights on the Piper Cub,   Rick and Brenda showed up.  After which Chip and I headed to the Cambridge Armory... Fettah and Bora were there, and Steve arrived later.

There was an amazing plane there... a four-channel acrobat, 100% original design... 19 grams total weight.


Chip on 2/22/2010 3:17:57 PM wrote:
First time I've EVER seen a plane stop all forward motion and just hang in mid air for what seemed like 30 seconds, but was probably only 4-5 seconds. Definitely the first time I've seen a 4 pound plane do that; it was surreal. The wind caught it just perfect, about 6 feet off the ground, and the plane didn't move an inch, up down, left right, forward, back. It was very bizarre and pure luck it didn't just stall over and crash to the ground.

One I wish there was video for as even describing it I wouldn't believe it.

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