Summer's Here...Weekend Report

Posted on 6/28/2010 5:13:21 PM
Author: rafe

heat. hanscom. waiting out the rain.  good flyin', lots of maidens and re-maidens.  excellent parachute drops.  just enough wind to take a little edge off the heat.

Frank has a cool new jet, flew it very well.  My AT-6 flew great, as did my big 'Mosa, back in one piece after its encounter with Mitre trees.  Scott flew the Albatross (amazing scale detail) and a cool new orange foamie bipe from Hobby Lobby.

At least three of the Junky Planes got their maidens.  Dog's got a wicked paint job and some wooden sticks.  Dog flies 3D like an ace.  Derek's flew (I didn't witness...) but was in minor disrepair when I saw it.  Mandy's flew and landed without incident.  I hear Scotty's busy turning his Junky Plane into a Flying Fortress.

Buck's Mustang... not so much.  Scott's fleet had some breakages as well.   Il Duce needs another nose job.  Frank's Alpha 450 made a wicked crunching sound but appeared to suffer only minor damage.

Jose made a brief appearance but could not fly because he'd left the wing spar of his Floater Jet at home.  Bummer.  Phil and his mom showed up Saturday PM just as the rain hit and the hard-cores were packing it in.

It's funny how folks start herding their planes (and their children) to safety when my Subaru rolls in.

Rick and Brenda made an appearance; Rick taxied his huge red plane but (thankfully!) didn't try to get it airborne.  That mutha needs a big field, away from the madding crowds.  Suggestion to Rick:  bring it to BRCF, get one of the instructors to take it up, trim it out, and buddy-box you.

Several of us hung out at Hanscom Friday afternoon.  Not much to report from that event.  Flying opportunities were near-nil, but that didn't stop me or Scott or Dave Palermo.  Amanda handed out a few Blade helicopters.  Chip brought a big mutha jet with its wings on backwards but sure looks cool on the ground.  Paul DiFeo brought a huge Ultimate biplane for static display.  Scott got a woody.

Haven't checked today's (Monday's) weather.  Anyone flyin' tonight?



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