Spring Arrives

Posted on 4/10/2011 11:39:53 PM
Author: rafe

About *#&!%@ time.  A fine spring weeked for flyin' and all the good Aerojunkies were there.  Which is to say, any of you AJs that didn't make it... What's up?  Where ya been?  Whatcha doin' that could possibly be better than this?

Lawn chairs and folding tables were arrayed.  Tent and heater were not required.  Hungry flyers were fed.  Children and dogs were entertained.  Music played.  Dark Star makes for awesome flyin' on a quiet windless spring morning.  Footballs were tossed.  Elsie's ears were scratched.  RC cars spun and wheeled and tore up the dirt.

Two fine and busy days at Mitre, orange stakes in the ground notwithstanding.  All manner of aircraft were present and flown.  Matt's big old flying wing didn't quite make it into the air this time, though.  Not too many crashes that I noticed.  Umm, except maybe for Raj's heli.  Ouch.  And an orange stake took a bite out of the wing of Scott's Pitts.  Hopefully it's fixable.

Serious entertainment Sunday PM, with a tiny balsa glider launched X-15 style off the top of Amanda's FunCub.  It took a round or two to get it right, but eventually it was launched as intended, with attendant Oooohhs and Aaaahs from the spectators as it made its way earthward.  It was recovered and re-launched a few times until it finally disappeared out of sight on its last descent.

ADD took its toll and the performers moved on to aerial combat.  Scott towed the streamer behind his Apprentice and kept things lively.  Amanda scored a few cuts with her Fun Cub and Sam put in a strong effort with his Extra.  Chip scored the majority of the cuts, requiring frequent landings by Scott and quiet, focused precision from ground crews securing new ribbons.  Chip's weapon of choice was a Parkzone T-28.

New craft spotted this weekend... Steve with a suspiciously new looking Habu which he flew serenely and landed with precision.  No cackling from the peanut gallery, I'm dead serious.  Scott's "Speedy."  Bob's Twist 40.  Mo's Kinetic 800 (Merlin clone.)  Raj's Kaos, back from retirement and electrified.  Chip's Carbon-Z Yak.  My Scorpion, Blitz, 4-Star...  I made a point of "airing" the fleet;  flew a dozen different planes over the course of the weekend, at least a couple flights each.

And of course I would be remiss if I didn't mention another milestone: Fettah's solo flight.  Umm, in a real plane, kids!  Congratulations, Fettah.

See you junkies soon.  Lacrosse brats and orange stakes can't stop us.


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