October 16 and 17, 2010

Posted on 10/18/2010 11:15:53 AM
Author: rafe

It's been a tough autumn for flying.  As I recall, autumn last year had more agreeable flying weather.

In any case.... Saturday was extremely windy, and I really hadn't expected to do much flying.  A few of us gathered at Mitre in the afternoon and shivered in the cold wind.  I flew EasyStar for a few minutes and managed to get it back in one piece.  Scott flew several planes, no mishaps that I observed.  Amanda flew her T-28.  My Turnigy anemometer was measuring gusts in the high teens.

Sunday AM several of us headed to the BRCF field for their electric fly-in.  The usual Aerojunky core was there.  Scott wowed 'em with his biplane, the Bronco and Spacewalker.  Fettah and Amanda flew their white and red T-28s together.  Chip did the Funjet and .60 Extra.  Bob P. was there with his scratchbuilt twin-boom foamie.  Don was there but plane-less.  The BRCF boys were bitchin' about the wind but by AJ standards it was calm.  No problem.

The same crowd (plus a few more) re-convened at Mitre in the afternoon.  By that time the wind had come up, though not quite as crazy as the day before.  Scott had a rough day of it.  Maiden flight of the new Chipmunk lasted about a dozen seconds.  I think he plans to repair it.  Then the Bronco went down... total loss, went home in a garbage bag.  Scott's beloved Spacewalker fell out of the sky and ended up in a tree out by the "Bermuda Triangle."  It was recovered, with minimal damage.

Chip still hasn't tired of paintball games, though seems to have moved from model planes to human targets -- Jared and one of Danny's boys.  As luck would have it, this was during a visit from Merry, who mumbled disapprovingly but kept it to herself and the book she was reading.

Carl, Candy and Elsie joined the fun for a while.  Don did a pizza run for the hungry fliers.  It was one of those days for chatting, tossing footballs, eating Halloween candy... and occasionally flying.

Alex seems to be back in hibernation, hopefully we'll see him again next summer.  No sign of Dog, Mo, Brothers Grimm, or Phil.


Larry on 11/22/2010 1:19:50 AM wrote:
New to the sport and still getting my wings wet. I have flown out of Mitre Field twice. Nice time and a fun group. Being retired this is a fun time in my life to learn how to crash a plane and smile at the same time. Thanks Larry

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