Monday Oct 11

Posted on 10/12/2010 11:18:38 PM

just wanted to get this in .it was an awsum day flying nice sky good friends lite wind.we have had mid air crashes but this one was one in a million. scott calls out takeing off with sues cessana iam going right to left .i taxi down looking at the plane .mean while donovan,AKA,mal AKA,mr air traffic controller!!!! is coming in left to right for a low pass with his well known wing tiger.well we hit HEAD ON  spinner to spinner you could see then both hit and both fell to the ground like lead weights.unbiliveabley the cessana was flying 5 mins later the motor shaft bent slightly to the left.mal had no visable damage but decide to keep the tiger grounded.THEN 5mins later the cessana is doing a low fly by and a super cub comes up from behind it and ever so slightly clips the cessanas wing and flys off.EFNHA MAL>>>>>.RAFE madiened his RT66 with a 60plus wing span it weighed as much as a T28 feather lite .but there was a problem it didnt want to turn on comand it kept banking left .then he would get it back to forward then it would pull left till it pulled it self into the hard mitre field.sorry rafe!! if its any consilation that plane looks like an ARF not a kit great build dude


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