Mitre report, 9/18, 9/19/2010

Posted on 9/20/2010 3:13:19 PM
Author: rafe

Another fine weekend for flying.  The sky was a bit gray, but winds were light both days and temperature was mild and pleasant.

We had our usual share of crashes, near-crashes tree landings and miraculous saves.  Chip's big Extra took a dive, perhaps a stall.  It came to rest just under the low trees along Rte. 62, across from the Chinese restaurant.  Perhaps the trees cushioned the fall, but the plane seemed to have suffered no injuries.

Steve Eichel's Apprentice was not so lucky, it ended up high in a tree near the "Bermuda Triangle."  Steve headed home, came back hours later, whereupon he and Don spent a good long time coaxing it down.  But before Steve left Mitre for the second time that day, he'd flown his (new) Habu into yet another tree.  There were a few tense moments with folks on the ground keeping a very wary eye on the obviously out of control Habu.  Yikes.

My planes keep smacking into Amanda's and vice versa, wonder what's up with that.  This time it was my one-ounce balsa plane (Stevens Aero LittleRod) against -- well, obviously something much larger.  LittleRod kept flying as if nothing had happened, even with a good chunk of one wing missing.  Amanda's having fun with her new T-28.

Scott is obviously enjoying the heck out of his big twin-engine Bronco, I think it's his new favorite plane.  Well, that and the SkAT Cessna (the plane that wouldn't die) and the Orange-Winged Cub and the hopped up T-28.  Big white Waco had a bad takeoff, needs landing gear fix.

Bob's Mini Funtana flew well but took some damage on landing (motor mount, landing gear... the usual.)  With Bob's building skills it'll be back in the air in no time.

Brian finally got to fly his new (very much pre-owned) large Piper Cub.  Scott's "Saturday" power system yielded a very short flight and a toasted ESC, but the "Sunday" power system seemed to do the trick.  Odors from the burnt ESC were still heavy in the air on Sunday.

My big yellow Agri-Duck waddled through the sky, had a few short flights (flies like a brick) and then took some damage on landing, well shy of the runway.  As usual for the Duck, the damage looks worse than it is, but I'm thinking it might be time to permanently retire this plane.  I made it a point to fly several of my hangar queens...  Agri-Duck, Skeeter, mini 4-Site, LittleRod, and the Depron 3D biplane.  These last three are indoor/light wind flyers so this was the perfect weekend for them.

Ah let's see, who did I miss...  Derek and daughters joined us briefly both days, Funjet still alive.  Alex, Sam, Frank, Fettah, Don, Danny, Dave and Johny, Billy The Preacher... some more folks I remember seeing.  [Given the nature of my memory as it pertains to people and names, that should not be considered a conclusive list...]  Fettah flew that big monster high-wing trainer for what seemed like hours and made it look easy.  Chip flew that tiny monster Funjet for what seemed like minutes and made it look... very small, very fast, very high and very loud.

Seen in a grainy photo on the side of a milk carton, whereabouts unknown:  Dog, Brothers Grimm, Tom S., Mo, Steve Dots.


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