Mitre, March 19 and 20, 2011

Posted on 3/21/2011 11:52:58 AM
Author: rafe

A taste... mind you, just a taste of spring this weekend.  As I write this on Monday morning at work, it's snowing.  More rain/snow forecast for later this week.  Saturday was a bit gray and rather windy, but that didn't hold us back.  Sunday was better in both regards, though I still felt a bit chilled after 6 or 7 hours of hanging out (42 degrees and maybe 5-7 mph wind for most of the day.)

We're putting up with the orange stakes at Mitre and determined to make the most of this park before they run the new road through it.  Dump trucks have ruined the side of the park along Rte. 62, so we're back in the middle of the field.

Almost all the usual AJ suspects were at hand at some point or another, though Chip was out of town.  Some new faces as well; Bing and Dan and one or two others whose names escape me.  Calvin took lots of photos, you can see 'em in the gallery section.

Scotty's going nuts with his Parkzone Extra and the big hand-me-down .60-size Extra.  Claims to be nervous flyin' the big one, but he doesn't look it.  Sue flew the Apprentice.  Bob P. enjoying his orange 3DHS Extra, Corsair, and Skyartec prop-jet, which took some hits on Sunday PM.  Danny's got an EDF of some kind, and of course his home-brew Cub.  Scott took up Danny's Big Bipe and handled it well.

Amanda had Carl on the buddy Box.  Brought Candy, Carl, Elisie and friends.  Bing flew his PT-19.  Don (the birthday boy) feeling rusty.  No new planes but no issues or hesitation with those he brought.  A little nap between flights and he's golden.

Two maiden flights for me; a smallish "3D" ARF I bought off Danny a couple weeks ago, and a SIG FourStar 20 that I built and finished last fall.  Both flew well.  New Etana was ready to go, but the pilot was waiting for zero wind, which never happened.  Etana maiden waits for a better day.


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