Mitre Dec. 11, 2010

Posted on 12/12/2010 8:49:19 AM

It was a balmy forty degrees, light wind, and sunny.  Bob P. was out early but I missed him.  When I arrived around eleven, it was just the old golfer guy and me.

And then it was the usual suspects stumbling one by one onto this patch of dirt and grass with the "runway" and dual purpose US flag / wind-vane.

Sue N Scott arrived shortly after.  Bob P. came back and flew yet another plane with just one aileron.  He's weird that way.  Matt N. showed up with Rubbermaid work table and a HobbyCity funjet/stryker clone.  Set up shop behind his SUV.  After one failed attempt, the clone flew well.

Artie flew MiniMag and the Crayon Jet he bought from Danny last week.  Raj. flew his 450 heli and ruminated about building himself a plane.

Don alternates between his office (inside his car) and occasional flights and quick jogs to either Dunkin Donuts or On The Run.  Don's fleet doesn't change much.  The WEFN news team will keep you informed of any changes as they occur.

Steve E. flew the Foon and Sukhoi and... not sure what else.  He showed us the fuselage for his latest jet.  Steve, we must make an event of the maiden flight.

Amanda and Chip arrived with an hour or two of sunlight remaining and then Candy, Carl and Elsie. The entire AJ crew (with one or two abstentions) collaborated on what was to become our first mildly succesful aero-tow.  It involved quite a bit of twine and Scott driving his big "Magic" 3D ship as the tug-plane.

Check out the gallery in... the gallery section.


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