Mitre 1/10/2010, Ice on Fire

Posted on 1/11/2010 9:14:32 AM
Author: The Dog

Well guys it was a great day for me and my slow planes. Start with my mini cub doing 42 mph.  Yeeharr!  My rocket cub doing 70 mph with seagull wings flapping funny as hell. Chip did a video of it flexing about 6 inches up and down...pissaa...The vector jet fly n 70 plus fun fun... We put smoke on Scott' s Waco...The fuse would not light. We took a torch to it, and flew it.  It was cool the first time. The second time was a little crazy! Scotts flying, doing loops like Tyler, haven a blast. We were watching from the heated tent... I start yelling “Scott the friggin plane wing is on fire! Land it, land it now!”  So Scott did not waste a second.  Here comes the friggin plane, right down, doing 30 mph at my head. I hit the snow, do 2 snow angels, get up and pray, and ran to put the smoke bomb out. It would not stop!  Scott held it on fire in his hand and unscrewed it.  The Waco is in good shape but there is 2 little holes in it, and his white Waco is now red and white… Chip and Tyler were having a blast pooping there pants! Ty was fly n inverted almost make n foam chips on the buddy box.  Rafe shocked the crap out of me! He was fly n like me with his Polaris! Was rippin up the sky...You go Rafe!  Get some balls and buy a jet now, he he. Don the crasher, as Tyler would say. Did a great job doing lessons on how to land in a tree with Tyler following. People were stopping by thinking that Barnum and Bailey were doing a show.  They saw the huge white tent with clowns standing around...Fettah, Artie, Frank, Amanda, all flew well... Artie just wanted us to see parts fall off his plane, and see if we could find them in 7000,000  sq ft. of snow.  Scott was fly n like Rafe today.  Counted 3 times he almost took my friggin head off.

What a day guys! I loved it,

The Dog


billy on 1/11/2010 11:49:42 AM wrote:
The mini cub was doing 47 mph...I am waiting for it to explode...yeehaaar

Italian Barron on 1/25/2010 4:35:27 PM wrote:
Sorry we missed you guys later in the day on Sunday, was thier earlier but other duties called..(darn)

See you soon,

Rick & Brenda

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