Flight Report: Mitre 4/11/2010

Posted on 4/12/2010 11:27:36 AM
Author: rafe

Amazingly, there was little wind before early on, but only Dog was smart enough to capitalize on that. By the time I showed up the wind was already kicking in, even worse than the previous day. Frank showed up and installed the weather station. Wind was steady in the high teens for most of the day, gusting to something like 23. Don, Chip, Frank, Dog, Tyler, Gabby, and I entertained ourselves in the morning, tossing around a football, and had lunch at Papa Ginos in Burlington. When we returned Sam was there.

Funny how I mostly remember the casualties... let's see... Tyler's Playmate flew away, to the Bermuda Triangle over Dunkin Donuts. Dog's BAE Hawk (jet) flew awesomely, but went into a spin and crashed on landing. Dog and Chip did an awesome show flying the two BAE jets together. Chip's EasyStar left a few gouges in the side of Dog's Cub -- a weird midair event where both planes landed OK. Artie did an amazing inverted landing in his Electro-Stick after the battery fell out in mid-air. The battery was recovered and the plane took very minor damage. We also saw Artie flying the infamous beater Twinstar for the first time. Chip broke a wing on his EasyStar and had it fixed about five minutes later. On his second flight of his new Predator, the wing spar gave up the ghost... Chip managed to land the plane with minimal damage. Very cool looking plane. Looks mean and insidious. The sort of plane you'd rather not meet in a dark alley.

Dave caught some air with one of his big gliders. Chip maidened the Predator. I buzzed the crowd with the "envelope" plane.


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