Another Great AJ Turnout

Posted on 8/30/2010 10:45:11 AM
Author: rafe

Photos Here

After an evening of enlivening conversation involving praying manti and gross wagers, the AJ hardcore went home, took some Tums, and tried to sleep it off.  Merry was not amused but got over it. Thx to Scott for the grille work. Thx to Jared for some interesting new downloads on my Android.

I met Alex for a few go-rounds at Mitre early in the morning.  Good fun.  Alex flew his Extra quite fast, and I went out of my way to fly the Ultra Stick as slowly as possible.  Alex mentioned that he and Red had flown for a while before I arrived.

Reconvened at Mitre around two-ish to a growing party.  You know I'm not good with names so don't be offended if you're not mentioned but the whole gang was there... still no Matt or Christian, or Tom S. or Derek, but Goose
(Alex) is back and Fettah and Glider Dave and The Other Dave whose young son flies a Champ like a Champ.  Amanda gave up her south shore paradise to join us, and enticed us with pizza.  Yum.

And of course the hard core.  Sue and Skylar did several runs to the mini mart for the benefit of thirsty flyers.  Did I mention it was hot?  Merry showed up with more refreshments.  Frank rigged tarps for shade.  Teams of Eskimos hauled in dry ice.

Scott's big Spacewalker took a hit.  It will fly again.  Brian drew diagrams involving air flow, thrust vectors, and held forth on topics in aeronautical theory, till Scott fired up his T-28, shoved a radio in Brian's hands and told him to go fly.  Chip hovered a Habu, maidened a new
Extra 260, and Fettah flew a nice foamie electric glider.   On Saturday,
Artie flew the Ur-Easystar and Sam sent the Mustang on its rounds (what, no Diamante?  Wahhh!)  I flew three models that had been sidelined for repairs... for way too long.  That little red Switchback rules.  Brothers Pfaff provided entertainment as usual with fast and unusual aircraft.  Their kids had fun catching dinner for Siraj's new pet.  Danny's a veritable gusher of creativity.  Frank pulled a spectacular nose-in with his EasyStar.  Don's flying like a pro, and Siraj has a promising future in zoology.  Dog is building a new Pitts, which I imagine will give Scott a woody, which might be the point, who knows.

New faces and names I need to learn.  A fellow (Bob?) who patiently flew his new home-brew twin-boom foamie again and again until by the end of the day, it was moving quite nicely.  (IMO, needs more JUICE.)  Another fella flying T-28, Wing Dragon, and... ?

All for now.  Goose was very active with his Canon D40 the whole day, and I'm expecting a new photo gallery on the AJ website soon.  Speaking of which (ahem, Chip!) I'd love to see a few of those Hobie pix from earlier this summer... apparently graced by Fettah in Speedos.  Oh and if anyone's looking for a hot deal on a sharp looking, fast, 23 year old Hobie Cat, drop me a line.



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